After about 20 years experience in décor field in Syria and U.A.E. we founded in the year 2001 ROAA DUBAI DÉCOR & ROAA DÉCOR CONT. EST. & Recently we open our new Branch in Abu Dhabi ROAA DUBAI DÉCOR ( Abu Dhabi Br. ) We are mainly into all kind of false ceilings, partions and other gypsum décor works, then to make our more distinguished, we start dealing with other décor materials as decorated iron, wood, glass ,etc., and successfully we got a high step of harmonny among these materials which gave our designs a wide space of beauty. It is worth to mention that all our workers, staff and designers are highly skilled and experienced in their works and in the local market. It has been a record worth our company that all the contracting décor jobs done by us were completed well with the deadline and due appreciation from clientele. We hereby submit a list of few projects undertaken by us, for your kind perusal. Given any opportunity we hope to soon have the pleasure of serving your organisation.